What exactly are orbs? I recently pondered this question as I began to have my own delightful experiences with them. My first introduction to orbs was with Lori, a client that I’d had an angel reading with. The reading revealed that Lori had a number of orb photos which she had taken over a period of time. Lori claimed that the orbs were her mother making contact from the spirit side. Lori described the process of capturing an orb in a photo as something rather simple. She said that this was accomplished by setting an intention, which was merely thinking about your loved one on the other side as you took the photos. Lori would take several photos and almost every time an orb would show up. Lori has since published these photos and their story in an inspirational book, “An Angel on my Shoulder”.

I found Lori’s story interesting, but the skeptic in me wondered if capturing orbs on film could really happen at will. So one day Lori came over to my office and we tried the experiment. Lori brought her digital camera, (nothing special just a normal medium grade digital camera) and we began discussing how the “orb capturing” process would take place. Lori asked me to set the intention and to ask my angels to be present in the space. I took a few moments of silence and prayed, asking my angels to be present in the room just as I do before and an angel reading, only this time I followed up with a request that they make themselves visible as an orb in the space around me. I knew that I had 4 guardian angels, but I did not divulge this information to Lori. I wanted the experience to be as authentic as possible.

Lori took several pictures from all angles in the room, capturing me at my angel reading table and the wall area behind me. When she’d finished Lori told me that she’d download the pictures that evening and email any photos that contained the orb(s). Later that evening I excitedly checked my email hoping to see one from Lori, but there was nothing. As I began to shut down my computer the phone rang, it was Lori. She wanted to phone me directly to break the disappointing news that she had not seen any orbs in the photos. I was let down because I felt that my skepticism was being confirmed. Lori offered to schedule another session and as I tried to respond I heard my guardian angel Aaron speaking to me. He said, “have Lori wait a few days and then look at the photos again, she’ll see the orbs then.” I repeated his words to Lori and she agreed to view them in a few days. Much to my surprise and hers a few days later Lori did spy the orbs in one photo on the wall behind me. There were four orbs each representing the angels that I am blessed to work with. From then on I became a believer in the presence of orbs. We may not see them with our naked eye, but their presence can be picked up by Digital Flash Photography.

Wendy with orbs

Since my experience with Lori I have had additional encounters with orbs that I will share with you in future posts. In the mean time if you feel inspired, get your digital camera, turn on the flash, set an intention and see what beautiful images appear in your photos. Who knows a loved one or an angel may be smiling at you from the other side.

To purchase Lori’s inspiring book, “An Angel on my Shoulder” go to her website: www.Anangelonmyshoulder.com

Ps: I noticed as I loaded the picture on the webpage that the orbs became very light, so I numbered them on the wall behind me. Orbs show best when captured in a darker background. I have included another orb photo I took spring 2012 just to show them when taken with a darker background.



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