light-withinRecently, while reading “Creating Heaven on Earth” by Barbara Hardie, she quoted a story from an unknown author which I found fascinating. The piece went as follows;

“When God created the human, he called his Angels together and asked where would be the best place to hide the TRUTH about who they were. One Angel suggested hiding it on the top of the highest mountain. Another Angel suggested that the best place to hide it would be at the bottom of the deepest ocean. A third Angel said No! No! No! You need to hide the truth deep within them for they will never discover it there.”

This story really struck a chord and I feel moved to share my insight on this simple tale, and how we can use the grain of wisdom imparted to answer many of life’s most profound questions.

Take a moment and look around you. What do you see? Does anything surrounding you really have significant value? Is there any object or person that defines you as an individual, assists you with being your best self, finding your purpose, or discovering inner peace? Ask yourself what these items and relationships really mean to you on a soul level.

To most, the items represent a moment of external happiness that once passed resulted in disappointment, or boredom. The feeling you looked to create when attaining the item doesn’t last nearly as long as you thought it would, did it? It’s like taking a sip of water in a dry, hot dessert. It cannot sustain you for long, so you continue your search for more.

Relationships are important to mention too, because I truly believe that we all have a choice to surround ourselves with people who encourage us to awaken and grow spiritually, or those who assist us in ignoring a relationship with our higher self. People, items, addictions all serve as distractions and keep you from discovering the real beauty within.

What this story means to me is that we are equipped with everything we need to walk our spiritual path. God has provided us with the answers to our toughest questions when we take a moment to breathe, ask and listen. If you are quiet for long enough you will begin to hear the wisdom of your soul. It’s gentle, wise and never wrong. Who better to ask then your “higher self” to solve the challenging task of discovering your real self?

We all have a challenge placed before us when we arrive on this beautiful planet. The quest for learning your purpose requires you to separate yourself from the distractions of the outer world and take a journey within. This doesn’t imply that you can’t enjoy the magnificence all around you. It means that you need a balance of both to find peace and happiness.

Starting a soul journey may be scary to some. No two paths are the same. Each is as unique as you are. On a human level you truly must “go it alone.” No one can do it for you and no one can do it as well as you.

When I began this journey I wondered what I would find. I questioned whether I’d discover something wonderful, or frightening about myself. Was I really good at the core, or would I unveil a darkness that would shock or upset me? All those concerns were soon put at rest when I realized that first, I was not alone, and second, my soul was peaceful and beautiful. The true essence of my higher self astounded me and yours will too.

If you need a little reassurance and assistance to begin digging deep within I would suggest inviting Archangel Michael (The Archangel of your soul purpose) or Archangel Uriel (the Archangel of spiritual enlightenment) to be with you as you commence your journey.

Earth Angel also has wonderful stones for assisting you too. Stones I would suggest holding or placing nearby when meditating would be; Amethyst for connecting with your soul purpose, Smokey Elestial for remaining grounded while tapping into the higher realms, Clear Quartz for clear thought and watch for a new stone mix which I will have this week called the “Journey Within” stone mix which will contain several stones and a suggested way to work with them.

After reading this, my hope is that you will consider revealing your truth from within. Noticing the spark inside yourself will provide the light you need for the challenge. For those of you currently embarking on your journey, congratulations and keep up the good work. Please share your insights and encourage others.


* If you would like to read Barbara Hardie’s book “Creating Heaven on Earth” A guide to personal ascension, go to her website to purchase it.

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