Since posting the blog “Journey Within to Find Out”, I’ve been working on a stone mix to assist in facilitating a wonderful, meditative experience for anyone desiring to utilize stones with meditation. Stones and crystals have distinct energies and when used properly, they can assist one in settling into the right “frame of mind” to meditate.

In creating the Journey within Crystal Meditation Mix there were many facets that I had to consider. For instance, the stones had to carry the qualities that best facilitate a quiet grounded mind that is capable of tapping into the higher vibrations where your soul connection to the Divine resides. The stones had to be affordable and easily obtained so that the mix could be reproduced easily.

I also wanted the stones to align with the various chakras and the elements of earth, fire, water, wind and storm. Earth element stones allow you to stay grounded while taking your consciousness into the higher realms. They also allow you to manifest your thoughts and dreams. Fire element stones contribute to the vitality of the chakras and assist you in embracing personal power. Stones with a water element energy assist with calming the emotional body and wind element works with the mind, opening the doorway to the spirit world. The storm element embodies the frequencies of the four other elements, and through the Soul Star Chakra allow us to experience our highest spiritual energies and insights. After much contemplation, research and soul searching, I have created a mix of stones that I believe is successful at assisting you in creating a calm, yet alert, mind.

Below is a diagram of the Chakras, the stone(s) aligned with them and the element they are associated with.

Journey-within-DiagramThere are seven main chakras associated with the physical body, and there are additional chakras both above and below. In this meditation, we are working with the seven main chakras, and an additional one 6-12 inches above the crown called the Soul Star Chakra. If you are new to learning about the chakras, I would advise purchasing a book, or researching them more extensively on the web. This meditation doesn’t require expansive knowledge of the chakras to proceed, but I would recommend taking the time to learn more about them to assist you in walking your spiritual path.
The stone layout is placed on the body of a person who is lying supine on the floor. The stones are placed on or near the chakra points (see diagram below).

stone-layout-Journey-withinStarting with the Soul Star chakra, place the Herkimer Diamond (clear faceted stone) 6-12 inches above the crown of the head on the floor (or table, or whatever you are lying on). Place the Selenite (white round stone) directly next to the crown of the head. Kyanite (greenish/blue stone) is placed on the third eye, or between the eyebrows. The Turquoise stone (black and Turquoise) is placed upon the throat. Next, take the Rose Quartz stone (light pink) and place it on the area over the heart. The Sunstone(cream with orange and greyflecks) placement is right in line with your lowest rib in the middle of your stomach. Follow that with the Tigers Eye (golden & blue) in the naval area of the body. The Serpentine stone (light green) is placed in the area between your thighs (on the table or floor). Finally, the Smokey Quartz (brown colored quartz)is placed down between your ankles.

Many of the stones in this mix align with the Archangels or Angelic Realm, so calling in the angels before you begin the meditation is highly recommended. As Gods messengers they are there to assist you in connecting with your higher self.

Begin your meditation by setting an intention. An example would be to opening your mind to connecting with your higher self, or you could ask a question that you would like the answer to. Surround yourself with white light for protection and close your eyes. Ask your ego (the part of your mind that keeps talking) to allow you 30 minutes of quiet before starting to “chatter”. Breathe deeply 3x and allow yourself to relax. Don’t judge yourself, just let things be. Lie still for as long as you can comfortably. Each time you do this meditation, you should be able to remain longer. Don’t judge your-self. Just honor what you are capable of doing each time.

When you awake from the meditation, write down any thoughts or insights you had during the session. Keep this journal and add to it each time you meditate, this information is valuable.

To learn more about each of the angels, crystals and their importance to the meditation, visit our website In our store (under angel stones) you’ll find the Journey within crystal Meditation Mix and the stone explanations.

My hope is that you will find the answers you are searching for by Journeying within!

Love & Light to all!


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