angel-pictures-angel-art-graceHow can an angel assist me? Or better yet, how do I begin working with the angels? Often I am asked these questions when I am giving workshops or talks in the community and I love to respond to these inquiries because I think we could all benefit from a little Celestial assistance.

I believe the questions arise out of the fact that there may be some doubt as to whether angels really do exist. As humans it is difficult to wrap our minds around something that isn’t tangible or “real” in a physical sense. You might say it takes a leap of faith. Stepping out of your comfort zone does take courage and a willingness to open your mind to things you may not have pondered before and this may cause a little discomfort. But, angels are a wonderful place to start because there is real information behind their existence both in Christianity and many (if not all) of the worlds’ foremost religions.

Since our infinite creator has purpose behind everything created, one must be open to the fact that the name angel was given to these divine beings as a way of imparting their purpose. The word angel means messenger and throughout history they have truly lived up to their name. A few examples of this are; Archangel Gabriel giving news to Mary and Elizabeth of their impending births, and the angel of the Lord who told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt to evade King Herod.

These of course are things reported in the Bible, but if you just do a simple Google search or visit a local bookstore you will find intriguing stories of angel experiences that are occurring every day. The case is easily made of their existence; the question remains “how can they help me?”

Believe it or not, you just have to ask. Yes, it’s that simple. Angels don’t need to be called by a specific name, you just have to ask and allow them to assist you. I would suggest beginning with your guardian angel(s). Start out by letting them know that you are aware of their existence and that you would like to begin working with them. You can speak to them in your mind, or put your request in writing and slip it under your pillow at night. Go with whatever communication style works for you. I would suggest that your first request for angelic assistance be a simple one. Angels will respond to all your needs big or small, simple or complicated, but when you are just beginning, a simple request will make it easier for you to notice the response.

Allow your angels to work for you by keeping an open mind. Many times people become frustrated because they expect to be answered in a specific way and when it doesn’t happen, they feel as though they have failed, or worse yet that their angel has failed them. The best way to start working with the angels is not to have an expectation of how you would like it to be. Angels have many creative ways of answering our requests and speaking from experience the way they respond is always what was best for the situation.

Your answer may come through a thought or a dream, you may hear a message, or the right person may appear when you need it, or say the words you needed to hear. There is a multitude of ways for the angels to respond specifically to you. Learn to let go and be open to the possibilities. I must also add that angels have a wonderful sense of humor, I think it’s their way of reminding us to lighten up a little.

So, as we begin a new year full of possibilities and potential, invite your angels in and allow them to assist you and most importantly to remind you that you are never alone.

Many Blessings to all of you! Namaste.


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