logo-starburst-applied1His name means “God Heals” in Hebrew, and Archangel Raphael’s (also known as St. Raphael in Catholicism) miraculous healings are well documented by theologians as the one who healed the feeble in the Bethesda pond, cured Abraham’s son Jacob of his wrestling injuries, and gave king Solomon his magical ring.

Raphael’s aura and healing energy are emerald green. Those who have had the honor of receiving healing energy from Raphael describe it as a “warm and tingly sensation.”

I have the honor of working everyday with the angelic realm and I was aware of Archangel Raphael’s abilities, but I have to admit that I didn’t have as strong of a bond with him as I did with the other Archangels, until recently.

I guess in a way I was fortunate that I didn’t need to ask Raphael for assistance; because that meant that my mind and my body were feeling healthy and I was grateful for that. However, a few months ago all that changed and I started to feel that something wasn’t right deep within my body. Some of the symptoms that I began to have were aches in all my joints, headaches, chills with no fever, fatigue, sleep disturbances (which for me meant feeling exhausted without being able to really sleep), heart pounding when I laid down at night and memory fog. I was baffled by all these symptoms which in my mind appeared to be completely unrelated to one another. I was worried and didn’t know exactly where to go for answers. Before I made any decisions or conclusions I was guided to purchase and read a book on Archangel Raphael by Doreen Virtue. The book is titled; The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael.

The book is written to teach as well as inspire. So, a chapter may begin with a prayer and end with stories of individuals who asked and were healed by Raphael. Each day as I read the book I would invite Raphael to assist me in healing. I prayed for him to heal me or guide me to where I could be healed. Each day as my energy continued to decrease and the symptoms became almost unbearable I continued to read and pray.

To be quite honest as I felt worse and continued to read about all the miracles Raphael was being given credit for, my faith began to waiver. I wondered if I was supposed to be healed, or if this was just something I was supposed to experience in this lifetime. I mean when I really looked at the world around me there was pain and suffering everywhere. I wasn’t an exception to that. I’m human and there are times when I experience pain too.

One day I was guided to make a doctor’s appointment. I hadn’t had a physical in 10 years and my doctor had closed his office, so I didn’t know where to turn to. I got the idea to call my gynecologists

office to see if they had a referral. To my surprise, that office had just begun offering physicals with a general practitioner. I requested an appointment, but she was all booked up, so they offered an appointment with the nurse practitioner that works with the doctor, and I agreed.

A week later I was there. Nurse Sharon did the normal physical and then she began asking me questions about my health. I told her a few of the symptoms I was having (because I didn’t want to overwhelm her with all of them on my first visit). She looked at me, paused and said “why don’t we do a Lyme’s Disease test”. I looked at her baffled, “I wasn’t bit by a tick…, I had no rash, no bulls eye—–or any of the tell tale signs that go with being bitten by a tick.” She replied, “Maybe not, but lets rule it out.” I agreed and went for the blood test the next morning.

The following week while continuing to feel ill I received a call at home from Sharon. She started the conversation with “so how are you feeling?” “Not well”, I replied. Then it hit me and I asked her if the test had come back positive…., and indeed it had. I was in the acute phase of Lyme’s Disease, which meant I had been bitten a few months prior. I began treatment that afternoon.

Now a week later, I am beginning to heal and feeling a little better each day. I know that I was guided to see Sharon by Raphael. The problem was caught early and I am looking forward to a complete recovery. Every challenge has a silver lining and mine is that I can tell you from experience the guidance and wisdom that can be imparted by our angels by simply asking, believing and listening. I now have a greater understanding of Raphael ‘s healing abilities and how he can guide us to finding the best person (or modality)to assist us in healing.

If you are guided to read more about Archangel Raphael here are a few suggestions;

  1. The Healing Miracles of Raphael : Doreen Virtue
  2. The Book of Tobit (or Tobias) : This book was lost and later rediscovered as a dead sea scroll in Qumran, the temple of the ancient Essenes. I think you will find the story fascinating.



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  1. You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really something which I think I would never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very large for me. I am taking a look forward on your subsequent post, I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!

  2. Hi – I had a similar journey – and was also diagnoised with Lyme, against all odds. The test that found mine only finds it about 3% of the time. I feel blessed to have found it in 6 months, while so many struggle for a diagnoise for years. But now I can’t sleep – and without sleep I can’t heal. I feel so stuck. I’m reaching out to my angels, but can’t hear or feel the answers.

    1. Julie-you are so fortunate to have found out so quickly about the Lyme’s Disease. I found that after being treated for a week or so I started to sleep better. It’s hard when you are experiencing pain or discomfort to hear or feel your angels, but rest assured they are there. Sometimes your angels answer will come through a dream, the words of a person you just happen to strike up a conversation with, or even music. Here’s a suggestion, if you have any inspirational books at home hold the book and ask the angels to have you open it to the page that will provide you with the message you need to hear. Flip the pages and stop when it feels right. Read the page you stop on. It may be a word, sentence or paragraph, but you’ll “just know” what wisdom was sent to you from your angels. Be kind to yourself and be well Julie.

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