“Forgiveness is the best form of Love”

Are you waiting for an apology, holding in the anger and resentment of a situation that just occurred, or worse yet, happened some time ago? Or are you negatively impacting your life by not forgiving yourself for an indiscretion you may have committed?

Take a moment, quiet your mind, and ask yourself self honestly, what’s holding you back? Do you realize that clutching onto a negative situation keeps you from moving forward and experiencing peace? You and anyone else involved in an unresolved situation are being held captive to the energy of the moment the incident occurred. You’re at a stalemate, frozen in time. This energetic gridlock prevents you from moving forward on your spiritual path, closer to the perfection of who you really are and what you were created to become.

I started writing this blog months ago with the goal of not wanting to sound cliché, but rather approaching the act of forgiving with the wisdom of the heart and not the internal programming of the mind. I asked the question, what could I present that would inspire you to begin the process of healing?

I put that question out to the Universe and over time I was given two approaches to forgiveness that I felt were appropriate for both our personal and planetary evolution. It’s looking at forgiveness from a higher perspective. Where we want to go energetically rather than where we are. The techniques are simple, but the thought processes behind each method requires your willingness to change your current definition of what forgiveness requires and is.

The first technique is the ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness, the Ho’oponopono

Ho’opnonpono means to make right with our ancestors and with the people to whom we have relationships. The belief is that when we forgive others we forgive ourselves. When we heal ourselves we heal others.

It’s taking personal responsibility beyond that of just yourself and having the realization that everything you experience in your world is your responsibility because it is in your life. To take this a step further, Joe Vitale’s article “Simple Steps to Healing: Ho’oponopono” states, “This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy — anything you experience and don’t like — is up to you to heal. They don’t exist in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you.”

This may be a bit tough to grasp at first, but I believe that it is what Gandhi meant when he said the following;


It is so much easier to lay the blame on someone else than it is to accept “Total Responsibility”. Self-identity through Ho’oponopono is based on the realization that fundamentally we are all one and that love is the answer to every perceived problem. It’s the psycho-spiritual means of removing trauma from memory and expanding one’s awareness. Ho’oponopono releases you from the emotional bondage that occurs when your thoughts are not aligned with our oneness. As the painful memories are released they void is filled with light and love, rebalancing our energies allowing everyone involved to heal.

Ho’oponopono is amazingly simple. Whenever a situation that needs healing presents itself, open yourself up to the place where the hurt resides and repeat the following statements from your heart;
I Love You – I’m Sorry – Please Forgive me – Thank You

Energy follows thought — when you speak from the heart the universe answers in a beautiful way

The second method of forgiveness asks that you stretch your boundaries even further. If you are metaphysical in nature than you more than likely accept that we have been incarnating on Earth for eons experiencing life further and further away from “God” in an attempt to understand all aspects of existence.

In the book “Telos — Protocols of the Fifth Dimension” the author is channeling a being from Lemuria; Adama. Adama explains that as each of us moves towards enlightenment the trauma of past transgressions can offer us the ability to move forward or stay in an energetic gridlock that keeps us from freeing ourselves of the bondages of anger, grief, fear and sorrow.

According to Adama we have been taught through religious traditions and belief systems that “Shame is the illusion that there is something you can do, or someone else can do to you, which is wrong and for which there is no possible redemption or forgiveness.”

However, it is quite the opposite, as Adama explains; “When we first incarnated as god beings and as creator gods, our experiences were very close to that of the Creator. In the beginning, the veil separating us from the Creator was the thinnest possible. But then souls became interested in deviating or distancing themselves from the experience of being the creator, wanting a deeper experience of “not being God” so that they could gain a greater understanding of what it is to “be God”.


This picture is a beautiful representation of what Adama is expressing. We began to move away from “God” in an attempt to experience life beyond what was known. We knew joy, love, grace, happiness and peace. But, could we recognize it if we experienced it’s polar opposite, pain, grief, fear, un-rest. As a result of these experiences “we created more and more “unknowingness” and more and more confusion. Over a long period of time, we moved into realms in which we chose more and more suffering, as we followed an exploration of individual soul paths.” Often times if we wanted to experience an aspect (lets choose joy as an example) we would experience it from the point of lack; a joyless existence.

Adama adds: “One of the key aspects of spiritual and emotional nourishment is forgiveness. Even deeper than that is the level of Divinity which recognizes, states and lives the truth that there is nothing to forgive.”

If we refer back to the Ho’oponopono where Self Responsibility is key, holding us accountable for all experiences in our lives. Would Adama’s statement not support that fact? If we were to take a moment and really look at how we view our personal and global challenges would it be possible to extrapolate a grain of wisdom from each experience? Is there something to be learned? Can I take this grief, pain, sorrow and fear and use it for something good? Or better yet do I now know joy, love, hope, and courage more fully after having felt its opposite?

These are the questions we need to ponder. This is the way to peace within. It can be an easy process if we want it to be. Decide today that this is what you want and allow it to happen. Love yourself enough to let go and heal the hurt aspects of yourself that keep you from creating a heavenly place for yourself on Earth. It starts with you, and ends with us.

Sending each and everyone who reads this love and courage, peace and light.

Simple Steps to Healing: Ho’oponopono : By Dr. Joe Vitale
Telos: Protocols of the 5th Dimension : Aurelis Loiuse Jones


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