This is our annual event and this year it’s sure to be our best one yet!

We moved our location to beautiful Northampton, MA allowing us to grow offering more speakers, healing practitioners, metaphysical vendors, readers and this year music!

Our theme is “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and we are working hard to create just that.

Keynote Speaker : Roland Comtois, learn about this wonderful, gifted man at


You can pre-purchase you tickets here:

A Healing Spirit Expo – Ticket link

Metaphysical Businesses, Readers, Healing Practitioners, Authors

Abundant Wellness Center |divination cards | readings | Garden of One products | chair massage | Feng Shui | incense & sage |

Access to Angels | angel/mediumship readings | angel gifts, books

Ada Rios Body Mind & Nutrition | nutrition products for healthy, beautiful skin and hair

Angel Connections | angel & soul purpose readings | authored products | angel prints

Art & Soul | soul readings with artwork

Art of Nashira | Energy Art and products for healing

Aura About You | Aura photography

Ashen Forever After | Spirit photography| Spiritual Counseling | Angel Card Readings

BH Wellness Group | reflexology | golden light healings | angel card readings | products

Bountiful Blessings | mediumship readings | crystal angels | empowerment card decks

Brittany Quagan | reiki | readings | chakra jewelry | sage wands | tarot scarves & bags

Crystal Concentrics | crystal & mineral sales| unique pendants

David Young Music | healing & meditation instrumental CD’s, DVD’s and books

Dawn Drew | mayan wheel readings & Energy Tuning

Demarey Gardens | small, fragrant, plants | natural stone jewelry | healing crystals & minerals

Dipped in Moonlight Studios | crystal grid artwork | stones | grid cloths | accessories and teas

Driana Buononducci | medium/psychic readings| spiritual book sales

Earth Angel Design | handmade angelic jewelry, stones, Raku pottery, pendulums, cards, statues and tuning forks and programmed stones

Earths Treasures | rocks | gems | crystals | jewelry

Eternal Glyphics | wooden hand created sacred geometry and sacred symbols

Garden of One | vibrational and energy mists | incense & smudge sticks | jewelry

Golden Drum | sound healing | business Information | products by the Golden Drum

Grateful Spirit Healing | hand crafted aromatherapy products | chakra healing sprays | spiritual gifts

Hands & Paws Reiki | custom crystal jewelry | readings | salt lamps| meditation cd’s | pet Reiki

Heart & Soul Center | energy healing work | chair massage | readings | doTerra Essential oils and treatment | healing tools

Inner Essence | minerals, crystals, fossils, healing bags, wands, energy generators

Jerry Marchand | celtic harp, natural crystals and minerals and handmade Jewelry

June Hyjek | wellness & pain management coaching | authored products | business promotion

L’unique Realm | gemstone readings | past life regression readings | messages from spirit guides

Marconics | Marconic healing services | promotional materials |

Metaphysical Body Work | medical intuitive readings with Tanya Tarrail

Patrice Gildner | readings with ascended master Kuthumi

Pyramid Creations | hand crafted organite products

Readings by Rosie | tarot card readings

Reflexology for Health | reflexology demonstrations and information

Return 2 Love | books and metaphysical products

Returning to Wholeness | crystal energy healing | angel and akashic readings | specialization in grief and loss | wholeness energetics

Roland Comtois | Purple papers | authored products | up close and personal

Roundsky Music | grammy nominated Paul Avgerinos offering his CD’s for purchase

Serenity Grove Studio | psychic/mediumship readings

Source Gate | Energy tools for personal empowerment | healing work | healing symbol cards

Spiritual Guidance & Wellness Center | readings with Donna Livingston

Swift Farms | handmade beeswax candles | local maple syrup

The Beyond Center | reiki & IET Healing work | mediumship | authored books

The Psyche Institute/Healing in Harmony Center | intuitive/medium readings | CDs, card decks | home goods

The Summa Center for Healing, LLC | readings | information on Mystical Energetics

Vibrational Healing | tibetan bowls and healing

Vortex Dance Studio | Cabaret Style Dance demos for raising self esteem

Way of Life Reiki | chakra jewelry | crystal & reiki infused soaps | zen hot & cold packs

Wire Wrapping Gemstone Creations | original, one of a kind wire wrapped pendants

Yoga Center Amherst | postural alignment assessments | Birthing Mama promotion| Free trials and samples of Oxylent & Nordic Naturals products

Yoga for Happiness | information on Yoga, chanting& healthy eating | cd’s| Heritage India gift sales

ZuZu’s Healing Arts | crystals | jewelry| books| cd’s| soaps |oils and gifts



Musical Performances

9:45 – 11:15

Ed Cleveland : Balancing your earthly chakras

11:30 – 12:15

AJ Block: The Golden Drum : Shamanic Didgeridoo Meditation

12:30 – 1:15
Ed Cleveland : Heart Activation and Integration

1:30 – 2:15
Brooke Gillespie: Arc Ra Crystal Bowl Meditation

2:30 – 3:20
Dream Seed

3:30 – 4:15
David Young Performance

4:20 – 5:00
Ed Cleveland – Heaven through Harmonics Chakras 5-7


Hampshire Room

10:30 – 11:20:
Keynote Speaker:

Roland Comtois – Awakening the messenger within

Beneath the fear, doubt and disbelief of your connection to Spirit, lives the messenger. The ability to hear, see, feel and experience the message takes time and patience. You hold within you the essence of those that have passed on and a sacred message from above.

Join Roland Comtois from an inspirational, heartfelt presentation encouraging you to Awaken the Messenger Within. From signs and messages from the other side, to spiritual enlightened connections, this presentation will confirm that love lives on and that you are the true messenger. Together we will explore the realities of the afterlife, connect to divine messages that are presented to us in life and become one with the messenger within.

11:30 – 12:20:
Barbara Hardie – Creating Heaven on Earth

According to God’s plan, it is the responsibility for humanity to bring Heaven to Earth. This is done through the process of Ascension. We do this first through opening our awareness that we are Spiritual Beings not just human beings. Then, as we grow spiritually, we connect with our soul and allow it to guide us along our path. Finally, we connect with our higher (God) self in order to ask for guidance and to ensure that you are on your path and that your higher self will assist you every step of the way. Remember, “ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE”.

12:30 – 1:20:
Matthew Andrews – Awakening the Physical Consciousness

Without a transformation of the body…no full divine life on earth is possible,” wrote the 20th century Indian revolutionary and sage Sri Aurobindo. and the means for this transformation? Perhaps the answer lies in linking the consciousness inherent within matter – “Matter is the Brahman” says the Taittiriya Upanishad – with the unitive Divine consciousness. In this experiential and experimental workshop, wewill explore this possibility using practices developed by Embodyoga (r) founder Patty Townsend

1:30 – 2:20:
Debra Franklin – Overcoming Obstacles to empower your gifts

This Strong Meditation is For The Purpose of Fulfilling Your Dreams and Creating the Life You want in accordance with the gifts Spirit has given you. You may already have experienced your gifts of wisdom and healing, or you are still trying to identify them more clearly. In either case the intention of this meditation, with guided imagery, sound and music, is to awaken and inspire your heart to your purpose, and overcome any obstacles such as lack of confidence, anxiety or depression about past hurts, addictions, and other such illusions that get in our way of who we really are and what we can create. We all have the ability to create heaven on earth. You will also learn how to apply indigenous or shamanic practices to raise your consciousness as well as clean and protect your path that you can continue to practice at home.

2:30 – 3:20:
Shanthi Yogini – Healing through Chanting

In this workshop we will explore: What it means to get healed at the level of the body, brain, mind, and spirit; how healing is accelerated by meditation; and how meditation is made easy through chanting. You will understand the 6 levels of healing, the best language used for healing, and the healing energy of chants.

You will gain a clear idea about how chanting is an effective way to heal your body, brain and mind. They will have an opportunity to listen to some chanting and feel calm and peaceful.

Through chanting you will come to the realization that Heaven is not somewhere up. When we feel healed and happy, we can feel the joy of heaven right here.

3:30 – 4:20:
Tanya Tarrail – How to Manifest Heaven

Heaven on Earth? How is this supposed to happen?

We can all manifest heaven on earth. One way to perceive this is to think of your self as the channel for Heaven.

How do we channel Heaven? By healing what is in the way. I can help you find out what blockages, belief systems are filling your channel and find ways of healing them. And Heaven can shine through.

Southampton Room

10:30 – 11:20 – Keynote speaker in Hampshire Room

11:30 – 12:20:
Dan Lupacchino – Mastering the Human

As spiritual beings having a human experience, one of our most precious gifts and biggest challenges is that of emotions. Navigating through this seemingly up and down world of feelings often gets us caught up in stagnation detouring us from our higher potential. Come discover just how powerful our thoughts and emotions are to our physical and spiritual well being and participate in a group meditation to help clear our emotional bodies with the Ascended Masters so that we may live our true purpose here on Earth.

12:30 – 1:20:
Gail Franceschetti – Allowing Yourself to go there: Heaven or Hell it’s your choice

We all have a choice of what vibration we would like to “play” in here on Earth. By allowing ourselves to let go of limiting beliefs we can live a life of “Heaven on Earth”.

1:30 – 2:20:
Joan Brigham – Invitation to the Light

Joan will share about her journey of opening to The LIGHT including experiences in Peru in ‘96 for the Inka Hartun Karpay and the flowering of the sacred seed. She will offer suggestions for the journey and for having a process of discernment. The LOVE, WISDOM, CREATIVE and HEALING ENERGIES of the LIGHT are available for all aspects of our lives, including discerning our role, no matter how small or large in helping to create a just and peaceful world. In closing Joan will offer sacred sounding accompanied by her crystal bowl.

2:30 – 3:20:
Lisa Wilson & Alison David Bird – Marconics: The Clarion Call

Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing. As we move into the higher light frequencies of the New Age, many are struggling to assimilate these frequencies and anchor them. In order to experience life in the third dimension – in linear time, in density and duality – your soul was phase locked for the purposes of manifestation on the material plane. Now, as you activate your DNA and learn to overcome that phase locking, you will return to a multidimensional quantum state.

The Elohim and the Seraphiam and the Violet Light have provided a mechanism by which the fragments of ‘Self’ can be reunited within the incarnate being, without the destruction of the biological vehicle. It will be rather like stringing together a necklace of pearls, on a chain of identities up through the universal harmonic structure.

You are returning to Source Energy at the Galactic Core. This is how the return of Christ Consciousness will be experienced, by bringing Heaven to Earth. This is the I AM Merge. This is called Ascension.

3:30 – 4:20:
Bhavna Srivastava – Angels, the Divine, Love & Peace

Learn how Angels/Divine help us in our lives to bring love and peace and how to connect to them. Followed by powerful Divine meditation.

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See you in April!



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  1. My friend and colleague, Karen Goldsmith, told me about this fair; she’s already registered as a vendor. I would love to have a booth at which to provide my Lightspeak Chakra Portraits for people. They are hand-drawn (pastels on paper) visual soul readings, and during the drawing, I receive — and pass on via singing, chanting and speaking — songs, energetic sound healings, and guidance from the person’s divine and multidimensional soul aspects.

    You can read more about my work here:

    I do well with a standard booth (rather than a smaller reader’s card table, which sometimes are automatically assigned to “readers”). I also have cds to sell as well as doing the 20 – 25 minute readings.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Best wishes,

  2. I was excited to learn about your event – I went to the Facebook page and posted an inquiry – I couldn’t send a Message. So I came here, to your site. Other than posting a Comment, I see now email address or form to contact you. I’d like to be a vendor at your event 4/25, if you could write me please. Thanks, Kyle.

  3. This is the first I am hearing about this event. How can I get on the mailing list so that I can be a vendor in the future? Thanks
    Pat Condon

    1. Hi Pat
      Thank you for your interest in our Expo. I see your email address and I will add you to our vendor list for future events 🙂

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