10:00am – 5pm Workshops, vendors, readers, healers, metaphyscial music and products Admission $5
6:00pm – 8:00pm Messages from Heaven with Rebecca Locicero Admission $30 (purchase tickets on the website by clicking “Tickets”)

Workshop / Presentations
10:00 – 10:50
“Mind, Body and Spirit: Riding the Wave” – with Michael von Stange ( Dhira Yoga Center)

11:00 – 11:50
“ What’s your body really telling you?” with Priscilla Bengtson (The Healing in Harmony Center)

12:00 – 12:50
The Greatest Change Agent- Consciousness Raising with Celestial Psychology® with Celeste Mattingly (Celestial Psychology)

1:00 – 1:50
Gemstone Wisdom with Lynne Hartwell ( L’Unique Realm)

2:00 – 2:50
Angel Healing Circle with Elizabeth Foley (Divine Healing)

3:00 – 3:50
Patrice Gildner – The Apex of the Human Experience”.
Group Channeling with Kuthumi

4:00 – 4:50
Sound Healing and musical concert with Marie Menut owner ( Vibrational Healing)

Evening Event 6-8pm
Gallery style medium/psychic readings with Rebecca Locicero
$30 Admission

Healers, Vendors & Readers

Access to Angels | angel/mediumship readings, angel gifts, books
Angelic Stones | healing sessions with Biomat, IET, 12 strand spiritual DNA & soulstar activation
Abundant Wellness Center |healing work, readings and wonderful metaphysical products for sale
Art & Soul | soul readings with artwork
Bramasole Wellness | sole readings and intuitive foot reflexology
Celestial Psychology | books, trinkets, magnets, raffle prizes, business promotion
Charles Edgarton | astrological readings and past life regression consultations
Deborah Clemmons | reiki and crystal healing
Dipped in Moonlight Studios | Metaphyscial art, sacred crystal healing grids
Divine Healing | angel readings & authored products
Earth Angel Design | handmade angelic jewelry, stones, pendulums, cards, statues and boxes
Garden of One | tools to transform vibrational mysts, essences, essential oils, lotions, candles
Goldylocks Temple of Healing | reiki, handmade jewelry, Tibetan malas, spiritual products and crystal grids
Groundings | tarot and oracle decks, Tibetan bowls, jewelry, books & salt lamps
Harry Kalajian | Wholistic Tea
Healing in Harmony Center | intuitive/medium and tarot card readings, CDs, DVDs, cards and angel artwork
Inner Essence | minerals, crystals, fossils, healing bags, wands, energy generators
Jerry Marchand | Celtic harp, natural crystals and minerals and handmade Jewelry
Juliet Bell | palm readings
LOVE (Lightworker of Vibrational Energy) | authored CD’s, metaphyscial products, business & workshop information
L’Unique Realm | gemstone readings
Readings by Rosie | Tarot Card Readings
Robert O’Leary | business promotion, incentive programs
Serenity Grove Studio | psychic/mediumship readings
Simply Southwest Creations | pendulums, wands, energy generators, leather pouches
The Beyond Center | medical intuitive and medium/psychic readings
The Healing Loft | angel readings
The Miracle of Hospice | book sales
Transcendental Healing | Healing work and Biomat sales
Vibrational Healing | Tibetan bowls and healing
Way of Life Reiki | Aura cleansing & balancing, Psychic/intuitive readings


Past Events


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  1. wondering if there are still vendor openings at the Expo? I am in Springfield MAss and have not spread my wings to CT as of yet.

    Lady P

    1. Hi Joyce:
      There will be a front page sticker advertisement in the Reminder Newspaper in Enfield, Somers, Suffield, Granby, East Winsdor, Broadbrook with a $2 discount on admission. However, if you are one of the Winsdor breakfast family…, just see me and you’ll get the automatic discount 🙂

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