I am sure most of you have heard the saying “beauty comes from within”, but have you ever pondered just what that means? This seemingly common phrase has substantial meaning when you delve into who we really are and why we are here.

I’ve pondered and researched both of those questions and have found answers that put my mind at ease. In doing so, I went back to my religious foundation and started with two principles which I firmly believe to be true.

1. We were all created by a Divine being and although He may be called by different names it is still representative of one, omnipresent, divine, creator.

2. We are all created by and from this one source.

With these truths as my cornerstone, I could safely begin allowing myself to answer the questions that baffle many of us, the first being who am I?

I believe that you & I are a creation of God; humans living on this wonderful planet, Earth. But, if I pause and peer even deeper there is a revelation. Take a moment and experience this for yourself. Calm your mind, close your eyes and really peer inside. What do you sense, hear, or feel? Is it stillness, a place of peace or, maybe, a soft, reassuring voice that divulges wisdom? Although the experience may be different for everyone the end result is the same, a consciousness of something beautiful within.

What you have just discovered is the very essence of who you are. You, perfect! Anything God creates is perfect and you are no exception. Yet, most of our lives we don’t take the time to tap into our perfection and spend much of our time looking on the outside for answers. This disconnect from our true spirit is the cause of much of our pain and suffering. We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget that we are a soul having a human experience, not simply a human with a soul. The soul exists to assist you in finding your purpose here on earth. To ignore or never be aware of your soul is to miss the reason for your existence.

You were created with purpose & goals for your soul’s growth. Your soul in turn is part of a greater whole from which is the source that we all originate from.

So, if you were created in perfection, is it accurate to assume that every person on this planet was created in as much perfection as you? Yes, even that difficult co-worker, drug addict, homeless person on the street, or child starving in Africa. They all have divine inner beauty and perfection, just like you. Some are here to teach us tolerance, others to assist us in experiencing a side of ourselves that needs growth. Still others suffer to ignite compassion, and some just haven’t found their personal connection with their soul, and they too are struggling.

Being able to recognize your own beauty, soul connection and perfection opens you up to catching a glimpse of it in others. When we seek to find beauty in every situation, experience and person that enters our lives, we enhance our personal soul experience and assist in making this world a better place. Fulfillment and happiness generated from within emanates through our human exterior creating a truly beautiful person. This inner beauty cannot be defined by the images we see in magazines or on the television, its true beauty that radiates from the pours of a person who has discovered their beauty from within. Discover yours today.



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