Angels are Aspects of Us

This morning as I spent time in quiet meditation and breathwork, I became aware of a thought as it floated through my mind, “what if angels were perceived as higher aspects of myself rather than separate beings?” Hmmmm I thought, interesting. The thoughts continued, “each of the Archangels are defined by a specific virtue, important […]

Mother Earth’s Shift to Enlightenment

What Do The Elders Say About The Shift? Kiesha Crowther’s job at this time is to share the wisdom of the indigenous spiritual elders in order to reduce the fear of what is happening on the planet at this time. Kiesha shares extremely valuable information about how the magnetic pole shift will affect us and […]

How can an Angel assist me?

How can an angel assist me? Or better yet, how do I begin working with the angels? Often I am asked these questions when I am giving workshops or talks in the community and I love to respond to these inquiries because I think we could all benefit from a little Celestial assistance. I believe […]

Journey Within Crystal Meditation

Since posting the blog “Journey Within to Find Out”, I’ve been working on a stone mix to assist in facilitating a wonderful, meditative experience for anyone desiring to utilize stones with meditation. Stones and crystals have distinct energies and when used properly, they can assist one in settling into the right “frame of mind” to […]

Look Within to Find Out

Recently, while reading “Creating Heaven on Earth” by Barbara Hardie, she quoted a story from an unknown author which I found fascinating. The piece went as follows; “When God created the human, he called his Angels together and asked where would be the best place to hide the TRUTH about who they were. One Angel […]

Your Soul, the Earth and 2012

What is all this “stuff” about 2012? The Mayan Calendar, predictions from Nostradamus, the alignment of our planet in the solar system and various contemporary opinions on what December 21, 2012 means to the future of mankind are intriguing. Scientists, religious leaders, theologians and historians have all jumped on the band wagon and to the […]

Discovering your soul purpose

Have you ever considered that you have a “soul” purpose? A unique reason for your existence that once discovered will allow you greater happiness and peace? I pondered those questions a few years back when I began to address a feeling that I’d had for many years that something in my life was missing. An […]