This morning as I spent time in quiet meditation and breathwork, I became aware of a thought as it floated through my mind, “what if angels were perceived as higher aspects of myself rather than separate beings?”

Hmmmm I thought, interesting. The thoughts continued, “each of the Archangels are defined by a specific virtue, important to being whole, healthy and spiritually enlightened.” This began a process of contemplation. Could it be that just as a Shaman retrieves lost parts of a soul, do the angels represent higher aspects of myself that I have lost, misunderstood, or need to rediscover within my being while journeying on Earth?

Back in December, I began studying and working with the breath, and what I’ve learned is that concepts that seem difficult for the human mind to understand can be simplified with the breath.   As I sat in repose the breath surfaced the question, so instead of wracking my brain to answer, I decided to allow the breath to provide the response. I am sharing an editorial of what flowed into my conscious mind.

The breath has infinite intelligence to empower, heal, transform and love just as the angels do.   The breath removes toxins, or lower energies, as does Archangel Michael, it encourages you to embrace love by loving you unconditionally like Archangel Chamuel, and the breath can heal spirit, mind and body just as Archangel Raphael is known to do.

If you believe that breath is the Divine then each Archangel would be a facet of the breath. Every day, we unconsciously draw breath into our bodies 17,000 – 30,000 times, and like magic, it gives us life.   Have you ever really contemplated that? All the knowledge we need to be enlightened is present in every breath we take. However, in human form we cannot comprehend all the wisdom contained in that breath at once, it would be too overwhelming. So, like a prism the breath has many facets each quality being represented by a celestial being so that we can interact and understand the wisdom they share on a human level. As I paused to reflect, I remembered that in archangel archeology, archangels are aligned with the seven rays of the rainbow, or refracted light found within a prism.

When we want to connect with the angelic realm or heaven we breathe. When we focus our breath or thoughts on an angel we are focusing our energy on one facet of the prism.   When we have perfected all the attributes contained on the facets of the prism on a human level they are assimilated into one.   The light no longer refracts but is pure white light, as illustrated in our chakra columns.

So, what if the angels could be perceived as higher aspects of myself rather than separate beings? How would that work? Imagine the Divine’s perfect vibration being dispersed and combined with sacred geometry to lower the vibration down to the point where it molds into form. A solar system, a planet, a human, and on that spiral downward celestial beings were created on all levels of vibration so as to represent the virtues we need to ascend to our next level of existence.

As we ascend and begin to reverse the process that was used to create us, we shed more of who we were individually (at one point even our physical bodies) and become more of a collective consciousness with these higher beings, our angels. What was once seen as separate is now made whole.   As ONE, we begin our next level of transformation, encouraged by beings in the vibratory fields above, acting as our guides and mentors, in much the same way as the angels did, until a time when we ascend and reside with them, and so the pattern repeats itself until we are ONE with the Divine.

This wonderful experience allowed me to become aware of and understand another facet of the angelic realm and myself, and now that the wisdom has been imparted, heavenly signs will continue to refine and expand its message.   I really enjoyed sharing this with you, and welcome your thoughts and impressions, so that we can assist one another on this journey of self -discovery and ultimately LOVE.


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