000-14I wrote and posted this Blog a few years ago and decided to make posting it part of our annual tradition here at Earth Angel Design. So please enjoy our tribute to angels and their part in the celebration of Christmas.

The word “Angel” means messenger of God and when most of us think of angels we imagine beautiful beings surrounded by light delivering messages of peace, comfort and joy. Angels become most prevalent in our minds during the Christmas Season when their images are displayed on cards, topping our Christmas trees and their presence sung about in the holiday music we love to hear.

The thoughts of angels can’t help but bring about good feelings, because they are the antitheses of perfection. A wonderful example of doing God’s work and living in complete peace.

Through the years angels have been presented in a way that may make them seem intangible to humans, and although they exist on a higher plane they are much closer than you think. Today as we are in the midst of celebrating this wonderful Christmas Season, I’d like to take a few moments to discuss the role angels played in our first Christmas.

Before Mary was with child, she was approached by an angel who announced to her that she would give birth to a son, the son of God. His name would be Jesus. The Archangel’s name was “Gabriel” which means “God is my strength”. Gabriel’s encounter with Mary is written in the New Testament, Luke 1:26-38.

Joseph too received a visit from an angel as he slept. This angel was not given a name but rather referred to as “the Angel of the Lord” in Matthew 1:18-24. The angel told Joseph that Mary had conceived Jesus through the Holy Ghost. Joseph was instructed to take Mary as his wife and he complied.

Legend says that after Jesus birth the angels were so excited that they flew close to Earth and sang sweetly heralding His arrival.

Shortly after Jesus birth, Joseph received yet another message from the “angel of the Lord” instructing him to flee to Egypt away from the threat of King Herod. Joseph obeyed and departed with his family in the night. This is written in the New Testament Matthew 2:12-14.

These are examples of angels truly living up to their role as messengers, crossing the barrier between Heaven and Earth and delivering God’s messages. Sometime we may forget just how close they really are. Your Guardian angel(s) never leave your side from the moment you are born, until the time when you return back home. They are here to assist you, to bring you closer to your purpose and ultimately to the Divine.

Although this particular Blog focuses on Angels and Christmas, angels have a role to play in every religion. If you would like to share their role in your religious celebration, please blog back and we will post all inspirational and meaningful responses.



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  1. I love reading about Angels, especially during this magical time of year. It is very reassuring that Angels are always by our sides. I think of mine as guides who help me on this Earth journey. Love the blog!

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