About Earth Angel Design


Hello and Welcome to Earth Angel Design.  I am Wendy Birchall the owner of this wonderful Company.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to offer this website to the world.  My goal for Earth Angel Design is to be a special place for information about the Angelic Realm, Sacred geometry and the Ascension process we are currently moving through planetarily and universally.   This is my mission, and my passion.

How did Earth Angel Design begin?

My connection with the Angelic Realm began in 2006 when unexpectedly I met my guardian angel during a guided meditation. Back then, I was curious and cautious, I knew there was something more about my spirituality that I wanted to explore, but I didn’t know how. One day, while at the Bookstore I decided to listen to my inner urges and ventured into the metaphysical section. That was where I found a book (or rather it found me) that began a journey that would change my life. Here is my recollection of the experience.

The title of the book was “Opening to Channel”.   I began reading it the next morning, and it immediately captured my full attention. On day two of studying and practicing the meditative techniques, something unexpected happened.

 Shortly after closing my eyes to meditate I felt a pulling upward from deep within my core. It was a sensation I hadn’t experienced before, and soon I felt as if I was consciously somewhere else. It can best be described as the difference between being asleep and awake, only I was neither, I was somewhere in between the two.  

 A scene began to form before me, and I found myself in the middle of a beautiful, serene meadow, teaming with life. There were tall grasses, one beautiful tree with green leaves and strong branches that reached powerfully towards the sky, butterflies, and flowers speckled the landscape. I continued to look around and for the first time, I saw myself.   It was almost as if I was watching a home movie.   I was dressed all in white and radiated a feeling of warmth, love and safety. I found it odd that I didn’t question seeing myself, but I was too taken in by the beauty of the moment.

 I paused to gather my thoughts and then proceeded once again as I recalled what the book said to do next. I needed to request that a guide come forward, the highest possible guide for me. I did as the book suggested and waited cautiously not knowing what to expect. Shortly thereafter, my attention was drawn up and from the blue sky I spied a large snowflake floating gently down, coming to rest at my feet. I felt compelled and picked up the soft white object settling it in the palm of my hand. Although it had the intricacies of a snowflake it was much larger and surprisingly was not cold to the touch.

 As I studied the object carefully it almost immediately transformed into a perfect butterfly. Accepting the new gift with intrigue, I encouraged the butterfly to nestle on my finger as I took in its beauty. The lightness of its touch and perfection in the color and design of such a small creature gave me pause. But not for long because soon that butterfly took flight and landed on a branch of the mighty tree. I watched with awe as once again a transformation took place and the magical butterfly became a peaceful white dove.

 The gentle bird perched on top of a branch of that magnificent tree, taking my focus upward.   Within moments a bright light came from above and the dove that once perched on the branch transformed before my eyes into a human figure. I recognized that the figure was a man with a brilliant white robe and a face much like what I envisioned Jesus to look like. He carried a shepherd’s staff.

 I watched myself as I knelt on the ground feeling unworthy of his presence. In response the guide offered me his hand and reassured me that it was all right. Looking into his gentle, warm eyes, I somehow summoned the courage to ask him if he was the guide that I had requested. He nodded his head yes, and continued our meeting by escorting me over to the edge of a nearby cliff. He watched as I peered over its steep edge and noticed many small lights in the valley of this mountain range we were standing on. The lights represented souls and I felt as though each one was familiar to him and I was somehow connected with all of them.   Feeling more comfortable with his presence, I asked him for his name and he responded that I would know in time but informed me that he was not Jesus. My time for this meditation was coming to an end as I felt my consciousness returning to earth. Before I knew it I recognized that I was back as I felt the comfort of my living room chair supporting my weight once again.   I opened my eyes in awe of what I had just experienced and sat there a moment to gather my thoughts.

After the experience, I had to pull myself together. I pondered over what had just happened and tried to recall the entire experience so I could burn it into my memory. But more importantly, I had to remember every minute detail to verify that my experience was real. I felt compelled to write it all down, and grabbed a pen and pad from the kitchen and jotted down as much as I could on paper.   Later, I entered the notes into my computer to be used for future reference. Little did I know at that time, that this was only the beginning of a beautiful journey that eventually lead to the creation of Earth Angel Design.  

Prior to my encounter with the Angelic Realm I didn’t know that angels could be helpful in our everyday lives.  Since that initial meeting with “Aaron”, I have learned that angels were created by God specifically to assist us.

Just ponder it, each of us has a Guardian Angel and every religion embraces angels.  They are a common thread that links each and every one of us together.

My journey also sparked an interest in stones and crystals which I decided to pair with the energy and purpose of the angels; thus the creation of Earth Angel Design. Since its inception Earth Angel Design has continued to evolve as I have and now to includes information and products beyond just that of the Angelic Realm.

Our Artisans

Although I do much of the jewelry crafting myself, I also have artisans who I purchase designs from or who assist me in the creative process.  Instead of trying to do it all myself, I find artisans who are good at their craft and contract with them to create an item for Earth Angel Design.  With the exception of a few, most of our products are made by or in cooperation with American artists. All are sold Fair Made Fair Trade.

Our philosophy of cooperation and allowing the universe to supply Earth Angel Design with what it and our customers need allows me the opportunity to work with wonderful talented people.  I purchase and market their handiwork and pay them fairly for their time.  Here’s  our directory of talent.

Becky Greene:  As our lead artisan, she has been with Earth Angel Design since 2009.  Becky assists with all aspects of the creative process, from design work to quality assurance.  She is my “go to girl”, and usually the first person to see and critique a new piece.

Scott McNeely / Maya Canyon Jewelry: Creates pendants that are unique and beautiful, I send him stones and have him wire wrap them, or choose from pieces he’s already created that fit into our collection.

Stephanie McAdams : Already a successful jewelry business artisan/owner, I contract her to assist me in designing unique jewelry pieces for Earth Angel Design.

Jerry Marchand: Jerry is a talented geologist, miner and gemstone cutter. I purchase beautiful stones and pendants from him

Mary Thompson / Thistle glass Crafts: Our Angel Ascension necklace is a beautiful, and meaningful collaboration between Mary and myself

Carrie Borgen / Crystal Grids: Is an amazing artist with a finely tuned eye for perfection. After seeing her grid work I asked Carrie to create Angel girds for Earth Angel Design

Dana Klopfer/ DLK Designs: Inspired by her grandmother’s old books, Dana works with these unique words and images for creating meaningful jewelry. Dana had a role in the creation of our “Angel Define” piece.

Jeremy Diller / Raku Pottery: I spied Jeremy’s work in Arizona and felt that it had the right look and feel to bring into our line of products. His work is unique, meaningful and affordable.

Susan Buzard / Seeds of Light: Susan has a line of purposeful and beautiful talismans and pendants. We love and carry her Angelic Whispers and Angel Dream pendants.

Kathy Ekholm / Little Sisters and Sisters Angels: Kathleen does amazing hand crafted pottery and together we designed our Angels of the Element line for Earth Angel Design

Michelle Champitto / Fresh Cut Glass: A talented stained glass artist, Michelle creates out lovely, one of a kind, stained glass angels.

YOU: If you are wonderfully creative, have perfected an angelic trade/craft and want to create for Earth Angel Design, I’d love to hear from you.  wendy@earthangeldesign.com