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About » About Earth Angel Design

Hello and Welcome to Earth Angel Design.  I am Wendy Birchall the owner of this wonderful Company.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to bring this website to the world.  My goal for Earth Angel Design is to become a place for education about the Angelic Realm as well as a site where beautiful and meaningful products can be purchased.

How did Earth Angel Design begin?

My connection with the Angelic Realm began in 2005 when unexpectedly I met my guardian angel during a guided meditation.  Just like many, I didn’t know that angels could be helpful in our everyday lives.  But, since that initial meeting with “Aaron”, I have learned that angels were created by God specifically to assist us.

Just ponder it, each of us has at least 2 Guardian Angels and every religion embraces angels.  They are a common thread that links each and every one of us together.

My journey also sparked an interest in stones and crystals which I decided to pair with the energy and purpose of the angels; thus the creation of Earth Angel Design.

About the Artisans/Staff:

Although I do much of the jewelry crafting myself, I also have artisans who I purchase designs from or who assist me in the creative process.  Instead of trying to do it all myself, I find artisans who are good at their craft and contract with them to create an item for Earth Angel Design.

This allows me the opportunity to work with wonderful talented people.  I can market their handiwork and pay them fairly for their time.  My products are fair made, fair trade.  Currently all my products are made right here in the USA.    So, who are these talented people?  Let’s find out.

Becky Lemanski:

As our lead artisan, she has been with Earth Angel Design since 2009.  Becky assists with all aspects of the creative process, from design work to quality assurance.  She is my “go to girl“, and usually the first person to see and critique a new piece.

Desiree Melloni:

Desiree just came on staff recently as a part time Administrative Assistant.  She is great at putting chaos into order and currently has been designing new programs to keep track of inventory,  ordering components and balancing our budget.  Desiree is great to have around not only because she is good at what she does…., but also because she is my sister.

Other local artisans that I have the privilege of working with:

Scott McNeely: Creates pendants that are unique and beautiful, which I purchase for Earth Angel Design.

Stephanie McAdams: Already a successful jewelry business artisan/owner, I contracted with her to assist me in designing a jewelry piece for Earth Angel Design.

YOU: If you are wonderfully creative, have perfected an angelic trade/craft and want to create for Earth Angel Design, I’d love to hear from you.  Currently we are looking for products that are not jewelry related.  Please contact me at wendy@earthangeldesign.com